A super thin clear transfer material for full color decorations on white or very light garments. They have a very soft feel and excellent stretch. Crystal-Printz are available in a matte or gloss finish.

Adheres to coton, poly, cotton/poly blends, spandex, and Lycra®.

320°F | 10-15 Seconds | Medium Pressure | Peel Cold

*Instructions may vary depending on product used, please follow instructions received with the transfers for best results.

Pricing is based on size and material. Each design is cut separately, therefore, artwork cannot be ganged or grouped together.
*Consistent logos must be used in order to receive price breaks.

$20 minimum for all digital transfer orders, not including art setup charge.
$20 art setup charge, up to the first half hour. We will inform you if art will exceed $20.
Pantone color matching, additional $10 per color.
Easy-Printz are made to order thus we cannot accept returns on this product.
Colors can vary from screen to print. We are not responsible for any difference in colors when printed. We can match Pantone colors for an additional charge if needed.

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