Custom Heat Press Twill

No sew applique gives you the look of traditional applique without the embroidery machine. Available in 1, 2, and 3 colors, no sew twill is easy to apply and saves you time. Adheres to cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, fleece, and acrylics. Not recommended for Nylon or mesh fabrics.

Preheat garment for 5 seconds, remove mylar carrier, apply twill and press.

340°F | 1 color - 15 Seconds | 2 color - 20 seconds | 3 color - 25 seconds | Firm Pressure

*Instructions may vary depending on product used, please follow instructions received with the transfers for best results.

Easy twill, no sew set up, $10.
Custom, no, sew set up, $20 up to 1/2 hour art time.
Over 1/2 hour is billed at regular art set up rates.
$20 minimum minimum for cutting.
Non-connected designed can be prespaced on transfer tape, add 25%.

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